Friday, 7 February 2014



          Mo-Mo A.K.A. BEDUIN is a bass player with exceptional imagination, artist that played worldwide, good friend and a great man. We did few afternoon sessions that resulted with a 4 song self-issued EP that was distributed to friends of the infamous PoP Dee Project :).
 Here's a free download of the whole session and a few extras for your pleasure:

          "Nothin' to blue" is a compilation of instrumental songs used mostly for indie movies and documentary films directed by friends of the PoP Dee Project. The compilation is free to download and very easy to enjoy :) Recommended for driving and cooking...

         "Top Secret Basement Location" was a Pop Dee project active throughout 2012 and 2013. This was a great opportunity  for the Common People to try and make the best of all the instruments plugged in... And we didn't do our best, instead we made a beast :) We composed and recorded more than 30 original songs...

Out of that monster we selected 8 songs that a group of  8 people created in 2012 and made another self-released CD that was distributed to friends of the PoP Dee Project. Featuring  8 great original songs and 1 cover song with a total playing time of 45 minutes this album is sure to have some kind of reissue in the future. This one is a blur of ROCK / PUNK / SURF/ HC / PSYCOBILLY / DUB / REGGEA and more elements :)

Download the beast here:

         We got a real Punk Festival for You here. PoP Dee packed his things and went to visit his friends (well-rehearsed 3 piece punk to bone band) in their rehearsal room or should we call it a bunker. This weekend vacation ended with a full length original album that was recorded live and is being mastered to be printed on 12'' vinyl.
 We are giving away the unmastered version of the full album :)
 Download TRN U OKU free here: Download

          2011 "Collision" was a real adventure. It was a 7 people live music improvisation that took place  in PoP Dee's living room. A beautiful live music experiment, recorded all in one hot summer afternoon and afterwards rearranged by the ingenious PoP Dee. This one is impossible to classify. Let's call it EXPERIMENTAL / PROGRESSIVE / POETRY / AMBIENTAL / MEDITATIVE... Unfortunately, the recording equipment was somewhat poor (due to living room location and a half broken bass guitar) but nonetheless the resulting music is truly inspirational. Around 60 minutes of playing time, with just 6 songs this album is a real jewel for the people who like their music a bit unusual :)
We mixed all 6 songs together into a 13 minute promotional mix. 

Here: Download