Saturday, 15 March 2014


It's mainly a music project that periodically organizes sessions and gatherings resulting with various music products that are distributed to participants, and friends of the project.
Pop Dee => main enthusiast that drives the project. Gathers people, organizes sessions, records and produces music, creates music products...
Project  => this is not a one man job, this includes various people, different people almost every time...
Common People's Music => project usually includes ‘common people’, people without any or with very little prior musical experience and knowledge…
So, there you have it: Pop Dee Project a.k.a. Common People’s Music

During the last decade of creating Common People's Music Pop Dee Project has recorded and produced more than 250 original songs. This is a musical adventure and enthusiasm that is rarely seen. Recording in mostly amateur and non-professional  conditions Pop Dee has made some astonishing results. Lack of proper equipment, expert  engineer knowledge and professional guidance was very well compensated by the authentic and exceptional imagination of the common people.
Common People's Music is a project designed with intention of merging various musicians, artists, ‘common people’, their ideas and approaches to musical and multimedia expression. Project is continuously exploring possibilities of creating, experiencing and implementing music... Pop Dee Project is not bound to certain musical genres but insists on authenticity, originality and natural approach.
Pop Dee regularly organizes creative workshops gathering numerous people of different lifestyles, points of view and artistic preferences. The best results were achieved in the field of musical expression. More importantly, Pop Dee Project usually includes ‘common people’, people without any or with very little prior musical experience and knowledge. The results of these gatherings/workshops are amazing. It turns out that ‘common people’ have very interesting, and sometimes perhaps much more distinct ideas and visions than the ones we are accustomed seeing from the “mainstream“ artists.
However, articulation of artistic ideas that ‘common people’ express frequently doesn't live up to quality/standard that we are used to in our everyday consumption of “artistic“ contents. While “professionals“ music has a tendency to become cliché-ridden, the ‘common people’ don't have the access to the technical means and skills  to create a “mainstream“ product. But what common people have is a freshness of spirit that is able to move boundaries. Common people proved that they can overcome their inexperience and compensate very poor technical conditions with their own imagination and serenity.
The idea of creating music with “non-musicians“ was something that came spontaneously, but after realizing the potentials of this project the project was extended and repeated year after year… Now Pop Dee wants to enable ‘common people's’ imagination to be routed through the same (or at least similar) conditions that are used by today's music industry. Technical conditions used by today’s music industry will definitely help flare up the common people’s imagination. Our aim is to allow the imagination of common people to materialize in a way that in its “technical“ performance lives up to the contemporary “standards“.
Once again, Pop Dee Project is not weighted with the choice of music genre or the choice of artistic form. In this case art is just what it is in its origin: EXPRESSION. Expression of human spirit, expression of a man/woman that is either free or tries to be free.

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