Wednesday, 30 April 2014


good people... 
International Workers' Day
is today

If you are resting, 
that's ok
If you are working today
 do it with some style... 
you know... it's
International Workers' Day

 What a poet, a?

We put a special haircut on our logo for this holiday. Nice haircut, don't you think? Reaching for the heart. You are viewing and liking our posts, that's encouraging. But we are presenting you with a false dilemma instead of a greeting card. Hard to avoid the Haymarket story when trying to be smart about the 1st of May. Not to worry, we are not that smart, we're here to provide more music for you, and that's just what's happening here, with a little help from our friends...

Without further delay we are coming to our dilemma:
if it's true and false it's true
if it's false and true it's true
Something wrong with this logic?

Please don't wreck your guitars over this question.
It comes down to simple solutions:
 you can enjoy a live punk rock show today or you can lay in a field somewhere and smell the air
or you can choose to do something else...
 don't be alternative!
choose your own way!

please don't do anything stupid,
enjoy yourself...
and do something nice for a change?


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Friday, 25 April 2014

Are you ready for some high speed action?
A track from our "Genghis Khan Railway" Ep.
For your pleasure here's Pop Dee in a ''Cosmic Run''...

“Common People's Music“ is a Non-profit music project
that periodically organizes sessions and gatherings resulting
with various music products that are distributed to
participants and friends of the project.
Project usually includes people without any or with very
little prior musical experience and knowledge.
Results are surprisingly good! Still doubt it?
Have a look around this page,
original "Common People's Music" everywhere...

As most of you know, we are now trying to extend
 the formal education of our main enthusiast
Pop Dee (M.A. in Philosophy and Sociology)
by sending him to a one year full time M.A. in Music production.
Having an educated producer with an internationally
recognized degree in music production
 would be a great benefit for the project.
We expect to improve the overall quality of music
 and more importantly we expect more doors
to be open for upcoming  ideas and events.

So, where's the problem?

You wouldn't believe the prices of education nowadays?!
 We have started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.
Come and visit the campaign...
We offer great original music products
as a sign of our gratitude for your kind support.

I guess the question of the day is:

How much would you pay 'then' to know what you know today?

Knowledge has it's price.
And today the prices are set high....
But with your help... we are going to make it !
Keep this project alive and give us a helping hand !

Thank you all for the support!



Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The era of downloads is obviously behind us. I can't seem to grasp why...
We have bigger storage space but we don't download anymore...
We like the streams, and the flows, and the rivers and the so-so-s...
What are so-so-s???
since you like to listen to music and then simply move to some other things you do in your life
we have made an extra effort to present to you... yeah... you guessed it...
More free and original Common People's Music...
Might we suggest that you combine your 'other things' in life with music...
Other things are quite different when there is a soundtrack behind.
I couldn't imagine a better soundtrack for preparing your lunch than Common People's Music.

That's an hour of various sessions right there... For your pleasure only...
Hope you are cooking something healthy today.
If there are some dinosaurs left that would like to download this music, please scroll down,
we have provided download links at the bottom of the page.
Thank you for keeping music in your archive, one day some jerk might shut the whole network down
and what would you cook for your family on that sad day?
Just onions with tears...

Short info on the sessions in case you missed it:
If you can't read the text or you misplaced your reading glasses use the famous ctrl+  or cmd+ option.
Be alert this Friday night as we are preparing yet another video for you...
Regular video shows at our fanpage: 

Stay beautiful!

Who are we? Pop Dee!
Svi smo mi... Pop Dee!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Greetings, Earthlings !

Campaign is looking better every day.
That's great news. Thanks for the support!
Hope we can make a success story out of this adventure.
Still 25 days to go. That is a lot of time if you engage yourself.

Common People's Music

Scroll down for some Common People's Music !

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hey… It’s Easter today…
Some of you are with your family, some are all alone,
some of you like it that way, some would gladly change places..
Some are hungry, some can’t eat another bite,
some agree and some would fight… 
Well, for all of you… we have some music here to enjoy…

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Greetings... We come in peace...

Think you can last ten minutes in the ring with the 'Common People' ???
Well, here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is...
If you live through the next 10 minute music episode from one of our sessions
you will be rewarded with a unique experience...
This is a great example how common people's imagination can overcome
the s*** recording conditions. So what if half of the equipment is broken?
You can still go for a very interesting ride with this quintet...

And? Did you like it?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Great news!!! New people are joining the party on a daily basis... 
Welcome, Bienvenue, Willkommen, Benvenuti, Dobrodošli :)
People seem to like our video clips and we are getting messages and requests for new videos.
Hey, we are just ''common people'' this is not a factory :)
but we will do our best to meet your expectations...
We got a new video for your pleasure only! 
Have a look:
Big thanks to a special friend of our project ''Artista Gommoso''
 and all of the good people that like the Non-Profit Organization ''ŠIGURECA''
dedicated to development of independent culture.
Almost forgot... The great Gommoso played the drums on this one...
Next time, stick with the guitars please :)

Nobody was injured while making this video,
 in fact we had a really good time...
Common People are coming back from the sea 
and are still playing their music...
hope you get it...
Oppa Mermaid Style

Friday, 11 April 2014

Alterart Music Productions + The Fishcakes + Pop Dee Project are working together on a new song.
We had our friends from The Fishcakes here a few days ago and recorded vocals for the new song.
This partnership is really inspirational and it seem we are going to make two versions of the song...
Common People's Music is preparing a new video for you as well.
This video is not related to the new song but  we compiled few scenes from the video
with a part of the song...  just to give you a sneak peek at the both of this upcoming products:

This is far from the sound that will make you dance and shout once the song is mixed and mastered.
Song will be finished within few weeks, these days we are occupied with activities around fundraising. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A big THANK YOU goes to all supporters of the Common People's Music - Pop Dee Project !!!!!!

We are preparing a new video and a preview of our new song...

Friday, 4 April 2014

We just posted a new video on our Facebook fan page:
Check it out:
Facebook Fan Page

Thank you for visiting.
Scroll down for some original and FREE music.

We just finished a song: 'STONEDOGS'.
Feel free to grab it and enjoy following this link:
Download 'STONEDOGS'

Song has a visual identity, courtesy of Mr. Joseph Plasan