Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Epilogue to our campaign brings you good and bad news mixed together...
 Pop Dee got accepted to University of Wolverhampton... Yay!
 Unfortunately the campaign was not a complete success so 
we still have no idea how to pay for the tuition and accommodation fees... 
Well, we are determined to succeed and there is still two moths 
in front of us... looking from an optimistic point of view that's a lot of time
and a solution can come from any direction imaginable.
  If you have any ideas feel free to contact us... 

Big special thank you goes to all of our contributors !!!
We have shipped all of the perks claimed and rewarded few lucky contest winners.
How's that for being responsible and fair :)
A music time out before we update you with some statistics and plans for the future...

 So.. with all of our obligations towards the Indiegogo community fulfilled 
we are now turning to new ideas and approaches on how to resolve our problem.
Who knew that a simple thing like enrolling in an M.A. course would 
turn into this kind of an adventure?! 
Well, we made a few friendships, met some very interesting people
 and learned something about social networks... and had a lot of fun along the way.
  And we are still doing it... Thank you all!


For those of you that like to shuffle numbers around your head here's some stats.
Please bare in mind that we never tried social networks before this campaign,
didn't open a facebook account until March this year.
We admit that we were a bit overaggressive but we did a pay the price for that.
Lines you are reading right now are still marked as a potential spam when
you are trying to leave the comfort of your facebook timeline and
want to come check out the action here... Good to see you here :)
So, under this crippled conditions we made it look this good:

  • 190 people shared via facebook !
  • 17 people actually funded us !
  • we reached 21% of our goal !
  • 382 people were not afraid to disregard the potential spamming issue !
  • 382 real people referred to this campaign !

Not the most famous person on the planet but I'd sayyyyyyyyyyy  
Not the most famous person on the planet but I'd say a pretty good result considering that these numbers represent real common people that were overriding warnings of a powerful business.
Not impressed... yes, I know...
  What's next?


or festival, gathering or whatever you wanna call it... That's next :)
A three day... weekend... international gathering of common people...
Why? Like I need to tell you that people nowadays are sitting at their homes,
confused, isolated and staring all day and night at their gadgets with screens.
A good old fashioned face-to-face meeting. Now that's something that could do you good!
We have backup from a hostel whose owner is sympathetic to music lovers
 and has a capacity to welcome 44 people.
We have backup from a venue that organizes live shows and 
would be proud to be a host for our music sessions.
So we know the exact locations on the beautiful Adriatic coast where this meeting will take place.
We don't know the exact time when this will happen.
But we will avoid the middle of summer.
 Obviously, if we succeed in sending Pop Dee to a one year full time M.A.
 in Audio technology  this can't happen before October 2015. 
If we fail to send Pop Dee back to school than we have our "driver" 
here at the steering wheel so we can plan this for the coming autumn / winter.
As I said: good and bad news mixed together.
Anyway we do it... it will be done...

Back to the old drawing board, said Marvin the Martian :)


Total of 60 people: about 15 locals and 44 beds for foreigners...
Some of the people are required to have no prior music experience.
Out of the rest that are knowledgeable we can have few engineers, few drummers, 
few guitarists, few... you get the picture...
When you divide the roles it looks like 60 people isn't that much at all, right?
Two days of sessions and a day just for leisure and friendships.
Live improvisations, exchanging instruments, having fun...
All of the sessions will be recorded and afterwards rearranged to make sense.
 Final product distributed amongst participants and friends...
That... and a lot of other details could maybe occupy your time here...
Not everybody likes to read this much.
Instead of a conclusion here are some facts:

We are now looking for people interested in this event.
We want to have a full timetable defined few moths prior to the event 
so that people can book and arrange cheap transportation.
You can contact us with your questions.
If you are a facebook junkie you can join us HERE
press the like button and PM directly from there.
Troublemakers and ?#! people... ?
I think this concept is too complicated for them to engage...
Keep close and stay beautiful...

Thank you for visiting

Pop Dee Project

Common People's Music

Friday, 23 May 2014

SIX MINUTES WITH  ''Ljevska bo''

Ljevska bo is a photographer and video artist trying to capture some particular moments of life.
Primarily interested in b/w photography and analog photography.
He is presenting himself here with a series of photos taken on vacation or walking around
 looking for the moments worth capturing. 

A laid back track by Pop Dee to keep you good company for the next 6 minutes
while you enjoy the moments of life captured by the patient eye of  Ljevska bo...

For a full experience right click on a picture and open in new tab... the music will still play :)

  • Photo by Ljevska bo
  • by
  • Ljevska
  • Bo 

        Hope you enjoyed this little exhibition... 
        On your way out you can grab some free music...
        We are giving away 3 hours of Common People's Music directly from here:




        Thank you for visiting

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        Wednesday, 21 May 2014


        When was the last time you met somebody pleasant? Can't remember...
        Well, you can thank your lucky star that  guided you here and you can thank it big time. Why?
        Did you know the indexed web contains at least 2.68 billion pages...
        and you are here.. reading this...
        Still not sure why?
        As promised, we are  proud to present you with the illustrious world of Wim Oudijk,
         a musician, producer, arranger and songwriter from The Hague, Netherlands. 

        Modest as he is, he finds it hard to talk about himself so we will let the music speak instead...
        Bear in mind this is a man that won a big stage yodeling contest at the age of 6...  a man who points to J.S.Bach when asked for influence... a man that loudly laughs at abstract silliness...
        and a man that wants to have a haircut like Einstein...

        Read more about Wim and his fruitful music background here:
        Discofair Recordings

        Or try and explain to him that he has a better haircut than Einstein here:
        Wim Oudijk at Facebook

        Remember  Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Cabballe performing "Barcelona"? 
        Well, forget it... at least for the next few minutes...

        2014. FIFA World Cup is near and a lot of eyes are turning into ears.
        As anxiety builds up...  the world population is waiting
         for the first whistle to blow in São Paulo 12th of June... (SA time)

         Wim sent us a song that is pretty close...  Rio de Janeiro...

        Common People's Music

        Pop Dee Project

        Tuesday, 13 May 2014


        The fundraising pressure stops this Friday at high noon!

        Regarding the contest we made during the past weeks we are proud
         to present you with two lucky and stubborn friends that were giving
        extra efforts to support Common People's Music…
         …and the winners are:
        Andrey Armanda-markovic – LIFETIME OF POP DEE
        Karen Wyatt – DOUBLE 12'' VINYL
        Contact us for delivery details at: 

        And if you are feeling jealous
        here's a last chance for you:
        Tag "TOZO" on this picture
        and get yourself  a download of a full album

        But, hey! Don't go away so quickly...
        You know we always have more tricks up our sleeve...
        GREAT SONG
        just came in...
        Written by Pete McCabe and Wim Oudijk.
        Performed by Wim's one man orchestra...
        Stay close if you like this one...
        We are preparing a deeper insight on
        Wim's music enthusiasm and the projects he's involved in...
        Thank you Mr. Oudijk!

        Common People's Music

        Pop Dee Project

         Thank you !

        Sunday, 11 May 2014

        1, 2, 3...  LAUNCH !!!
        Three young artists, three rising stars, three videos and three different styles...
        A good show here today...

        1. KLARANZE KIRK
        Klaranze Kirk is an exciting, talented new Hip Hop artist, hailing from The Bay Area, and a genuine debunking of the belief that, “They don’t make rappers like they use too...” With the lyrics, flow, humor, and charisma, Klaranze is a true throw back to the pioneers of Hip Hop, combined with the relevance of today’s Hip Hop artist. Rapping since the young age of 14, he is far removed from the current sound associated with Bay Area music, and he's determined to be an artist that has more to give to his fans than songs about cars, hundreds of women, sex, money, alcohol and drugs.  With the heart of an old soul, Klaranze’s method to his craft is simple, “Message, melody, music," a format that will be heard and expressed throughout his songs.

        2. FALL~
        Maury van Loon, otherwise know by the alias Fall~ is a young talented composer and musician from the Netherlands. Her prime instruments being the piano and the guitar, she specializes in film scores and creating an "epic" ambiance. Maury has always had an affinity with both music and movies, which led to her ambition of becoming a film composer. Fall~ also creates her own artwork which she publishes online with her musical pieces.

When it comes to performing live, Maury is no rookie. Coming from a musical environment, where she played in a handful of different bands, she has quite a lot of stage experience under her belt. She took the 2nd place in the pre rounds for the national "kunstbende" award. 

Currently operating from Plymouth, United Kingdom, Maury studies Music at Plymouth University. Here she works and struggles every day to improve her musicianship and composing skills.


        No special introduction needed for the next video... A fragment from a new single... coming up real soon... This is just a sketch, be ready for surprises, this is not how the song is going to sound, this is just to warm you up! Alterart Music Productions + The Fishcakes + Pop Dee Project are working together on the song. Sure to hit some charts with this one!

         Pop Dee Project

        Common People's Music

        Wednesday, 7 May 2014


        Tonight we got a small art gallery here! 
        Original music an graphics are created by the wonderful ALTERART MP. 
        No one knows the exact location of their headquarters but we do believe they come from another planet.
        For a full experience we suggest to play the music and (right click + open in new tab) to enlarge the pictures.
        Alterart Music Productions is a rising star so be on the lookout, we're sure there are plenty of pleasant surprises coming from this studio soon enough... Keep up the good work... Big thanks!


             Pop Dee Project

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            Sunday, 4 May 2014

            German poetry... sounds like an oxymoron, right?
             Just kidding...
            We are aware of  the cultural richness and respect the German literary and philosophical heritage.
              A good friend of the Common People's Music project Mr. Alexander Leugnen 
            has prepared a small poetry feast for you.  Thank you Mr. Leugnen!
            And we know you expect to hear more music, so Alexander... this one is for you...

                schritt ohne maβ

                alles gesuchte
                wird erfunden
                ohne den fund
                zu durchblicken
                kehren wir
                zum ersten geh'schritten
                und bleiben
                beim versuchen


                ich verliebte mich
                oh, du reife frau
                deiner augen mündigkeit
                in ihr blau
                ohne zu ahnen
                es sei überhaupt
                nicht schlau
                blickte hinein
                und sah
                ernsthaft drohend
                nur grau


                du sagst
                und in mir
                es blitzt,
                nicht wie donner
                keineswegs blutig
                oder stumpf
                mit gereuschen vermischt.
                Es gibt einen laut
                einfach von sich
                nicht in meinem innern
                auch nicht
                weit enfernt

                 Pop Dee Project

                Common People's Music


                Sie versuchte nicht einzuschlafen
                Obwohl es eine ihrer gewohnheiten
                Die fahrzeit von hauptstadt
                Nach westen des landes
                Im zug zu brechen
                Durch einen traum.

                Menschen denke ich
                Und ihre wege
                Zum brot;
                Sind die zeugen
                In liebe
                Vor ihrem tod


                gab es jemals
                der wie ich
                vor sich sitzte
                und sich
                alles seine
                als eines anderen


                Was mache ich denn
                Eigentlich hier
                Ich ängstige mich
                Vor einer unbewussten flut
                Der geschehnisse