Saturday, 28 June 2014


Heart Stoppin’, Electrifying, Spellbinding, Soul Seductive, Rockin’ BLUES

Hola! Dear viewers... Have we got a treat for you today...


A female singer / songwriter / guitarist / actress
with a very interesting biography...
accompanied by an All-Star Band
with advanced playing technique ...
Now that's a show you don't want to miss.

    This lady is well tempered, 
    plays, sings and looks great... 
    No wonder she's has a
    shelf full of awards... 
    We encourage you to visit her Official Website...
    ...more info and music products await there...

     We sent her a few questions to reveal more about her personality
    and this is something that caught our attention:
     We sent her a few questions to reveal more about her personality
    and this is something that caught our attention:

    "As a child, my father taught me to never run away from an obstacle
    but rather embrace it completely as an exciting challenge.
     Through my mother's love of music and her overwhelming love for me,
     I found the deepest expression of my soul.
    All this combined with desire,
    determination and faith,
     have carried me through every challenge.

     I've learned that when I’m standing on the edge,
     and a bit uncomfortable,
     I’m also right at the point
    where I can create something miraculous."


    That's the spirit!
    Keep it up Lois... 
    Can't wait for your new CD...
    What was the working title?

    “Earthly Pleasures Heavenly Blues”
    Keep an eye out for this music piece
    and follow the latest news here:
    Lois Greco Facebook Fanpage 

    Thanks for visiting...
    We are leaving you in captivating hands of The Lois Greco Band

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    Wednesday, 18 June 2014


    Controversial World Cup kick off a few days ago is the global main topic these days
    but we have a whole different ball game here...
    and it's best we kick off with a little comfy music
    before we start our story for today...

    Aren't you feeling better already...?

    Of course you are... You are listening to her 8th CD "Shades of Blue" released in 2012..
    recorded at Baker Street on the magnificent Steinway Grand Piano...
    a beautiful collection of sensitively performed songs with just vocals and piano...
    Who is she?
    Ladies and gents... We are delighted to present you with...


    One of Melbourne's most talented, accomplished
    and versatile singer-songwriter-pianists...
    Passionate artist who consistently
    holds audiences spellbound...

    Her jazz-infused folk-pop style original songs mesmerise listeners with richly,  melodic
    musical chordings tinted with blues,
    cabaret and neo-classical influences...

     Intelligently constructed lyrics
    are poetic and image-laden,
    often said to inspire and transport one
    into a place which is all about the experience
    or story within the song...

    Tracey sings not only 

    Tracey sings not only as a solo artist. 
    Tracey sings not only as a solo artist.
    The different musical groups she performs in
    combine her lyrical vocals and jazz-infused
    piano playing style with some of Melbourne's
    most talented and highly professional musicians...

    Gifted with a dynamic vocal range and exceptional piano-playing sensitivity...

    Theatrically delivering performances with a passion and energy that consistently holds audiences spellbound...

      Pangaea Productions


    Barnaby Gold, David Hicks, Jordan Scotney, Zoltan Almady, John Perri, Anthony Baker, Lachlan Davidson, Tony Buchanan, Gary Costello, Frank Di Sario, David Krycer, Hermann Schwaiger, Ian Wilmot, Mike Mathews, Stuart Semmens, Phil Smith, Maria Forde, Janette Geri, Bruce Watson, Chloe Hall, Michelle Chandler, Riley Jordan, Christina Green, STAX, Julia de Jong… 
    ...and the list goes on…

    And as if this was not enough Tracey doesn't limit her artistic expression to music.
    Tracey Roberts is a visual artist as well... A graphic designer and illustrator...
     She enjoys using her synesthetic gift to produce vibrant, rich musically-themed images...

    We heard rumours that she's finishing up new artworks and
    We heard rumours that she's finishing up new artworks and videos
    and if you are interested to find out more
    follow up on the action on her website:

    Before we end this story here's an interesting interview with Tracey:

    But we did save the best bits for the closure....
    We have some fresh and exclusive quotes from Tracey:

    "My favourite food is Thai green chicken curry - and I'll drink a good champagne..."
    "What keeps me going is the next piece of art to create or the next song I want to write and sing..."
    "My artwork starts as a pencil line drawing and is always inspired by something musical..."

    And our personal favourite:

     "Believe it or not I wanted to be a dentist!  What was I thinking?"

     Just stop and think...  
    Can you imagine the colorful smile of her patients :)

    Thank you for visiting

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