Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Oi! Oi! Oi!  With the clock ticking away the hours before The Healthy Junkies
 "burn" the Bizarre Bazaart stage @ Rebellion Festival in Blackpool
we had a really enjoyable chat with their singer Nina Courson...

The Healthy Junkies are a female fronted New wave punk grunge band...
DIY and hungry..

You would have to be a music junkie yourself and have a healthy mind
to understand what Nina has to say about their work:

"Inspiration has come from far and wide and lyrically the lines between autobiographical and fiction are blurred and merged. I suppose if there was a specific aim it would be to capture and bottle the essence of certain music from the past and release it kicking and screaming into the now." 
Our conversation covered various topics but hey... let the music play... while we read...

Let's clear the mystery of today's title:
Q. How did the 'junkies' become 'healthy'?
A: By eating bananas. And by making rock'n'roll music that feeds the soul.
Q: Message for our viewers?
A: Come and see us play live and say hi we won't bite unless you ask for it.

One of the memorable episodes from their live acts was setting the fire alarm off 
on the last tune of the set with a smoke bomb, 
the fire brigade rushing into the building and evacuating it...
This happened in Aylesbury Civic Center...
Don't worry... they promised to behave nice from now on...

catch them at REBELLION 2014.
 on their FRENCH TOUR coming up in November...

Follow the lastest news about them and find everything you need here:
Healthy Junkies Official Website

Thanks Nina... Keep on keeping on !

With their first and second album sold out
we are now expecting a vinyl from them...


Until then... Dear folks... Thank you for visiting..
Keep close and stay beautiful...

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