Friday, 21 November 2014


Ah, Friday night... weekend is finally here...
Sorry we can't provide you with a sky full of fallings stars
but... as always...
we can introduce you to rising stars...
Today we enjoy the company of a fashionable, attractive and smart young lady:


Tell us about yourself...
My name is Jennie Vee, I'm a songwriter and musician from Toronto, Canada.  I am a bit of a transient soul and follow my heart to where music and love might take me...which means I move a lot!  I currently make my home in NYC but have also resided in England, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Nashville, TN.  

How did your music story start and where does it end?
My music story must have started in the womb as my mom has a lovely voice and is a skilled piano player. When I was a child I loved two things, being outdoors and music. My first favourite bands before the age of 10 were The Cure, U2, Jesus + Mary Chain, Echo + the Bunnymen, New Order... I was lucky enough to have a great radio station to tune into in Toronto and I was quite young to have such "sophisticated" tastes. I quite literally begged my parents to take me to concerts and would alternately be granted the wish or denied. So I saw The Cure's "Prayer Tour" show at a tender young age but was denied Depeche "Mode's Music For the Masses" tour. All of this led me to picking up a bass when I was a teenager and I promptly quit high school and moved to England to immerse myself in music and the culture that inspired me. I have not looked back. From penning my first demos to now I write and record and create music because it's intrinsic to my existence. It will end when I Die. Alone.  

What inspires you? How do you build your music ideas?
Music, film, books - those are obvious places to find inspiration... but my main inspiration especially over this past year has been the theme of examining happiness as an internal vs. external source.  It's logical to know that the true source of happiness comes from within, but the struggle lies in the fact that we are constantly shaping and projecting desires, real + false needs and wants onto people, places and circumstances beyond our control. Lyrically I've been dissecting that duality and also pulling from pain both recent and past, mine and others. I can take a situation a close friend is going though and write a few lines about it or incorporate it into a song. I am a very empathic person and have a small, close circle of friends and collaborators and we communicate openly - sharing ideas and experiences and the creative process. For the EP and upcoming album I have built my musical ideas sitting alone in the corner of my studio apartment in the Lower East Side of  New York - my studio within the studio. Taking all the (sometimes overwhelming) flood of memories & experiences and compacting them into soothing melodies and guitar lines with a sharp edged undercurrent of raw pain of course! 

What is love?
The definition of love reaches two ends of the spectrum of existence - the most painful to the most blissful.  It's the strongest life force. Living out of love will save humanity. It's the top branch of all positive emotions - the opposite being fear. So you live in love or you live in fear and everything else falls under those two categories. I also happen to be terrified of love so naturally I write about it.

Can you brag and nag in the same sentence?
I make the most orgasmic (vegan) sandwiches in the world, now hurry up and do the dishes.  

What can we expect from Jennie Vee in 2015.?
I am putting the finishing touches on my full length album. I've been in a rare prolific phase all year and thought I had finished the record. However, when I got home from a trip to England in September the flood gates opened again and I wrote some of my saddest, most heartfelt songs ever so I have enough material at the moment for 2 albums. 2014 has been all about experience, testing my limits, taking risks, creating, creating, creating and I expect 2015 to more about sharing - putting out the album and touring.    

Message for our viewers?
Make your bed, make somebody else's bed, be kind to one another.

You heard the lady:
 Be kind to one another!
...and stay close
we have a big annual
special edition
coming up real soon...

We leave you with Jennie Vee's hot off the press video

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Friday, 14 November 2014


Hello music lovers, soul adventurers,
Rock, Dance, Indie, Math and Pop pioneers...
We just returned from a long trip over the Pond 
and you wouldn't believe 
the hi-tech concept we encountered 
in a bowl-shaped valley of NY state...
This group of individuals is using:


What's this modern technology suitable for?
Can a modern housewife use this groundbraking technology in her home?
Will it be used for military or humanitarian actions?
 Well... we rounded up the whole band
 (Mike Burell, Greg De Angelo, Brett Pornbeck, Phil McGovern)
to answer a couple of simple questions:

Short bio?

Mike: I'm a singer-songwriter, musician & talker. I'm a fan of music/musicians unafraid to commit to their creativity & inventiveness. I follow all sorts of genres, as long as something is memorable and off the beaten path; though there will always be a soft spot in my heart for Pop music. 
Greg: my name is Greg De Angelo, I started on piano when I was five, and in fifth grade I started drums, but didn't take it seriously until I was fourteen.  I took lessons in school, but never they were never formal, they were in a group.  I mainly learned by playing along to Queen, then I moved to the Dave Matthews band, then other various bands and artists. 
Brett: Binghamton NY born and raised, 20 years young, self taught until January of 2014. 
Phil: Moved from NJ to Upstate NY in the mid-80s. Picked up a guitar in my early teens after hearing U2's War. My technique is less about the heat than the humidity. Players like Daniel Lanois, The Edge, Steve Hackett, Robin Guthrie and Robert Smith who create mood and texture have influenced me the most. Other influences include Jean Luc-Ponty, Randy Rhoads, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Radiohead.

Are you just having a good time or is there a deeper meaning to your work? 
Brett: There's deeper meaning to all music, I'm just trying to cause emotion to my listeners when I play my instruments. 
Phil: Music is cathartic, collaborative, frustrating, inspiring, motivating, sickening, but ultimately rewarding for all the layers and emotions you experience and ideally cause others to experience. 
Mike: There is always a deeper meaning to all of my music, as well as with Thoughts As Devices. We've spent much time honing our spontaneous reactions & trying to read audience reaction as well. We love grooves, fun, danciness; but we also like elements of the left-of-center. 
Greg: It's really both, I love playing music, but most of all I love improvising.  I think it's the most organic way to play, and I think you really catch musicians as their most genuine selves, just for that specific moment.  On that same topic, here's where the deeper part comes into play, I don't know if this is true of anyone else, but for me improvising gives me a better look into myself and the rest of my band. It makes me look at how I read their physical cues and in some case helps me get into their head and sometimes I know them so well that I can anticipate where they're going next. So in a sense, I get to know a part of them most people would never see or experience.

What moves your spirit - how do you make music? 
Brett: I just play with my looper pedal and write riffs I find melodic 
Phil: Writing for me usually begins as a subtle feeling. Then develops as images or colors that I try to replicate sonically. Sometimes built upon and structured, sometimes left loose and allowed to evolve in a live setting 
Mike:  People move my spirit, along with putting a thorn in my spirit. I love & hate what people do. That fuels my lyrics. Politics, lack of tolerance, the good, the bad, the hairy... that moves me, prepares me & excites me, all rolled into one.

Plans for 2015?
Mike: To be an even better band; play bigger shows; shore up our paperwork ha-ha! 
Greg: I would like to finish an album, play some out of town shows, make some great connections and grow as a person and musician. 
Brett: I want to try my luck and busk across Europe and tape it to make a documentary. 
Phil: Goals for 2015 are to release a new solo album, release the new Thoughts As Devices' album and generally just utilize music to promote logical social awareness and more active listening.

Message for our viewers? 
Brett: Music no matter what language you speak can capture emotion and invoke thought and also learn to listen to the little things in life. 
Mike: Hopefully, your peeps will like a band like Thoughts As Devices!
We write stuff influenced by This Town Needs Guns; Biffy Clyro; Chilipeppers; Primus... and we're working on an Electronica set next few months! 
Greg: Enjoy music in all genres. Explore it, love it, live it.
Find more info and music here: 
Thoughts As Devices Fanpage


Judging from what we read the best is yet to come...
Looking foreward to TAD 2015 album...
Keep your thoughts positive
 and devices full of good music...

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Friday, 7 November 2014


Ahoy! Today we are dealing with a very special music enthusiast that is constantly rewriting history.
This guy acts like a wormhole, making shortcuts through the spacetime continuum.
Just when you think you heard it all... he surprises with something old... I mean new...
...and now something completely different:
Golly McCry

Artists usually have an intrinsic imperative to create music... Why do you make music?
Well I would not think of myself to be an artist, when I create music, it's rather the joy and excitement of the moment when it happens. In my case it's actually more re-creating something that is already there, I have a few original songs, but mainly I was recording cover versions of my very favorite songs from better or less known bands of the 60s. I record music because it is fun to build up a song track by track, testing what could sound good together, It somehow develops itself, if I am possessed enough.

Infact, could you describe what are you doing, what is your music intention?
My recordings were never intended to be heard by an audience, it was just a development of skills, one side technical, and on the other hand of course playing music, checking out the possibilities, kind of a music diary.
      It always was a challenge to myself to find a way to reproduce the significant parts of the songs in my very own simple style. I go into the song structures, figure out what chords were used and how the instruments work together.

I wan't to hear more of Golly's music, what do I do?
My music can be heard on YouTube, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, MySpace, bandcamp, i-tunes, spotify, etc.
     But if you prefer to purchase my recordings on CD , there are 4 albums available:
 "We Do It In Time" (29 songs recorded 1995-1997)
     "Tropic Of Capricorn" (18 songs recorded 1998/99)
     "A Night Like This" (16 songs recorded 2000-2002) includes demos and unfinished songs
     "Shake My Hand - A Tribute To Merrell Fankhauser" (13 songs recorded 2008)
They will soon be available on a german underground record label but for the time being
     to purchase just write an email to  
  You had collaborations with Todd Dillingham, any chance you two make a new project?
Oh yes, I heard rumours about a planned new project with Todd, it might feature surprise guest musicians ;)
    So far i have no further info.

  Are you thinking of live shows?
I do not think about live shows in the next future, but you never know. Anything can be possible.

Share a personal secret?
I don't know if it's a big secret, but I created the artist name Golly McCry when i was about 12 or 13 years old. At that time I was looking for a good sounding artist name,  Golly was my nickname ever since I can think, so this already was given. I was much into Beatles music, and of course Paul McCartney influenced me much, I took the "Mc" from his name and added "Cry" to this, which came from the early Beatles instro "Cry For A Shadow".  Hey and there is another "secret" connected. I play guitar lefthanded, although I am righthanded. That is also the "fault" of Sir Paul McCartney ;) I loved the look of his Höfner violin bass guitar, and noticed he was lefty, I always was imitating those poses and gestures of Paul, and when I taught myself to play guitar I kept that habit to play lefthanded  :)

Message for our viewers?
Always stay a child inside and believe in your dreams, they can come true, if you are true to yourself.
    Just like I fulfilled my own dream to be a musician.
I would like to thank all of my friends that supported me on my way.
    What would I be without you? :)

Well, you heard the man... 
Remember your friends...
Keep believing and stay true to yourself...
 Thank you for visiting.

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