Tuesday, 16 December 2014


indeed... what we got for you today is a real clickable maze...
every picture leads to another artist's place in the vast space
of our tormented world wide web...
this post could keep you occupied for days, 
so if you weren't paying much attention
you are ready for your annual school detention...
we rounded up our featured 2014 all-stars team
and what a wonderfully colorful crowd it is...
all of them were faced with a simple question "Wine or Beer?"
and this is what they said:

If you managed to scroll down this far
you made it just in time
 as this is where we start
our story of the day...
 a short interview with
the one and only


Q: A short introduction to you / your music?
A: I am todd and i create psych/folk/prog music
Q: What motivates you to make music?
A: The beatles
Q: Looking back... What would you change?
A: The mixes on my earlier cds
Q: How to make a great song?
A: Luck
Q: Tell us more about what you don't want to talk about...
A: I never inhaled
Q: Past, present and the future of music?
A: Past was good ..present is average...future looks bleak
Q: Your plans for 2015.?
A: Stay healthy and keep recording
Q: Message for our viewers?
A: Watch out for new releases on Fruits de Mer Records in 2015 and on Flashback Records...

Todd's a little blog shy :)
but when it comes to live talk
he's quite eloquent
and blessed with a great sense of humour...
 Along other things in life Todd leads a regular radio show
and we encourage you check it out:
"Lord Snootys Super Sunday Show"
 Sunday nights UK time
on www.musicworldradio.com

 See you there this Sunday...

Meanwhile...  following the holiday spirit
we have some really cool, kosher and virus free
giveaways ready for you...
(hooray with exclamation marks)

Wim Oudijk's "I've Had My Fun Now It's Your Turn"  (2011)
is "a living monument full of fun, incite, knowledge and the occasional key change".
This particulatar album is a collaboration between Discofair Recording and Rash Records.
 Todd Dillingham ‎is giving away his "delightfully twisted psych-pop"
double LP Sgt. Kipper  (1995).
Chabliz prepared a small 3 song taste of their music for your pleasure,
The All are on the begining of their music adventure so they offered one naughty song
and Pop Dee wishing you merry x-mass and a happy new year
with a compilation of genre-free instrumentals "Nothin' To Blue"...

  • "I've had my fun..."
  • "Sgt. Kipper"
  • Chabliz

  • The All
  • Pop Dee

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Enjoy your holidays!

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