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A small sticker

 is probably a good start
for today's interview :)
They say every man has a cross to bare...
 I'll bet you the outrageos Cardinal, mighty JJ and the impressive crew of friends
were completely unaware they had a punk masterpiece in their hands...
These guys weren't faking it and that's probably why
their first LP persistently defies time...
just for the sake of argument...  here's the whole album...

And The Blood didn't stop there...
We had a really warm and polite chat with a living legend...
In case you still don't get it...
we're presenting you an interview with...

Q: Soon to be four decades since "False Gestures..." You're still touring, people are still cheering...
The best bit about touring is meeting all kinds of different people who enjoy The Blood's songs for different reasons. For example, a lot of those who follow The Blood music, and of all ages, tell me how much songs like Megalomania, and Such Fun, have influenced them in finding their own voice against religious dogma.
 They tell me how much religious ideology still impacts, negatively, on themselves and other young people who live around the world. They tell me that the brutal irony of those particular songs, and Stark Raving Normal, has encouraged themselves to say no themselves to dogma, and refuse to be slaves to unholy bullshit.
 As far as Punk itself goes, these songs in particular have been looked at as extension of the
1977 Sex Pistols song "God Save the Queen" which attacks the abuse of power, and the power of those who hold themselves in a royal or religious majesty over others.
I think some Blood followers cheer The Blood music for another kind of liberation of spirit.
For instance, songs like Drunk Addict, Degenerate and Done Some Brain Cells Last Night, still echo the core spirit  of The Blood which was an amplified overture of nihilistic, anarchist and hedonistic anthems that people could sing along to. I think False Gestures For A Devious Public is/was an immaculate conception, in the sense that JJ and I both knew that we had been fucked without being kissed by being born.
False Gestures was/is a sonic portrait, literally, orchestrated from the self mutilation of JJ and myself The Cardinal: ... on a daily basis, and unequivocally, we wallowed and swallowed in an undiciplined, unorganized and unprecedented dungeon of decadence ... our imaginations dwelt perpetually in a jacuzzi of drugs, alcohol and delirium ... and JJ and I with verve set out to annihilate each nano second that beckoned ... 
and we achieved this through our music ...

Q: Your two recent releases are acoustic... What are you doing now... What are you planning?
I am doing a few things now, some different film projects, turning a large portion of the acoustic works you refer to in to electronic works, and too performing at The Rebellion Festival 2015 in Blackpool.
I will also tour again with The Blood in the USA and Japan, and if not this year then in 2016.

Q: What did Colin Smith think when he realised there's a global "cult" of listeners?
It made me think of JJ, and wish that he was coming on tour with the band! It made me smile!

Q: What one piece of advice would you give a newborn?
We are all infant appellants to the universe, we are all in the same boat together, and its not Noah's Arc!

Q: Who defines good and evil?
Probably Humankind!

Q: What is law?
Law in it its ultimate transparent form - arguably :) -
 is an intellectual stretching of the brutal code of nature,
or as every ones favourite TV serial killer would say:
'In the land of predators the Lion never fears the Jackal'.

Q: Share a personal secret?
I have so many secrets and I would not know which one to share - so I will tell you the first secret I ever had. When I was little, about 7 or 8, and my family use to visit other family houses, I use to go upstairs into their bedrooms and look and go into their wardrobes in search of the door to Narnia.
 I still do it which is why I am not invited anywhere!

Q: Secret ingredients for a good track?
Musical talent, hard work, imagination!

Q: If you think we missed something important feel free to ask yourself a question and answer it...

I believe that JJ Bedsore (James Cantwell) was the one clear stand out genius of the 80s punk epoch, and that his life was a machine gun vendetta against all those in the world who are stark raving normal, and who point their fingers at otherness, and others. I think JJ chose not to sojourn on the boulevards of banality and dwell in placid mediocrity, and that like many others artists who die young, he thrashed the life out of mortality upon the road less travelled that he took! Respect!!!

Q: Message for our viewers?
Ask yourselves questions, and never stop asking, even if it is exhausting, as your own imagination is important even if you have lost your faith in humanity, and keep on keeping on, until lambs become lions!

We mentioned the acoustic albums earlier...
(available at Blood @ iTunes)
so let's close today's story with a newer song...
just a fair warning... takes guts to view the video...
if you know you're a hypocrit but you don't wanna say it out loud
good time for you to walk away now, no one will know...

Colin is active and working on new stuff...
Stay close...
There's a "NEWS" section in the sidebar
we promise to notify you in time...

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Friday, 23 January 2015


With a voice and classic writing style reminiscent of torch singers past,
she can belt out those blues or sizzle with smoky jazz vocals...
Like a true northerner she is very straightforward
and quite pleasent to chat with...
She is currently involved in few interesting projects
and it's all new hot stuff...
Welcome to the seductive music world of...



Q: Short introduction to Kareña K? 
A short introduction to me, well where to start? :-)
 Originally hailing from the north of England, I've been a musician for as long as I can remember.
I started at around 2 years old, playing my parents harmonium, very badly I imagine!
 I was trained classically on vocals, piano and also clarinet.
I started playing sax at 11 and found my love of jazz.
I spent a while in the big band scene as a lead alto sax player but then moved on
to more contemporary music, with a particular love for blues, funk and soul.
I met up with Wily Bo Walker when I moved to London in my late teens,
forming what was a relatively successful and still popular indie band 'The Heartbeats',
along with former member of The Primevals, Don Gordon.
Following on from that I travelled the world as a professional musician with various bands for some years. These days I've settled back in London. 

 Q: You are obviously working hard these days... Tell us what's going on... 
Yes, I've never really known how not to work hard at anything I do,
guess I'm a bit of a workaholic.
Hopefully one day it will pay off, preferably before I make my exit from this mortal coil, ha ha ha! 
I am currently working on my solo album and since late 2014.
am now managed by Robmont Music Promotions. 
They are currently working on dates for my new electric line up,
which is sounding mighty fine in rehearsals. Can't wait to unleash the band on the planet. Soon.... 
I'm also involved in multiple live and recording projects with Wily Bo Walker, 
who I hooked back up with several years ago, initially to arrange backing vocals for his solo album. 
We worked so well together that we haven't really stopped since and long may that continue. 
He is a great friend and I have the greatest respect for that man, 
his talent as a songwriter, musician and producer. 
You can find more info re Bo and all the other projects at 
 We have just released a joint mini album, 'A Long Way From Heaven'
 which is getting a lot of great press coverage, fantastic reviews and
a lot of good airplay so I hope it does well for us. 
The cover art is fabulous for that too, it was done by a lovely lady over in Canada
 by the name of Susan Shulman. It's out on CD or d'load on most of the usual outlets,
iTunes etc. and there are a few signed copies available from  HERE
I'm also the keyboard player/backing vocalist for The Mescal Canyon Troubadours,
who are also getting a lot of press attention at the moment,
we've got full page coverage in this month's Blues Magazine
 and a track on the cover CD so that is very cool. 
The début album will be out in the next month or so hopefully and we're due to play
 the 100 Club in March which promises to be a great gig. 
 The second Rattlin Bone album is amongst other projects in the works. 
Midnight Walk, the début track from my solo album and my second release Temptation Eyes 
were produced by Wily Bo Walker and have also had great press reaction and worldwide airplay. 
I've also got a couple of taster releases out to raise funds for the album and they have also been received very warmly across the blues and soul fans alike. A new taster release is due out soon too, when I get time to breathe and start editing guitar and finishing my own backing vocals! In addition to all this Bo and I also have a little gypsy swamp duo that we do the odd live gig with, called 'The Blue Valentines'

Q: What's the situation with artists in UK? 
That's a good question, it's getting very hard to get paid gigs in this country
and almost impossible for most to make a living any more.
 I'm hoping it will improve soon, sadly I think that most people would rather watch the X Factor
in front of the TV than go out and watch live music.
I don't think the price of alcohol helps, it's so cheap to buy in the supermarkets
 and extortionate in venues so people choose to stay at home. 
Venues are closing down everywhere, or being forced to close by the local councils
 and there really doesn't seem to be any real interest in saving them.
Many venue owners are responsible for their own failures too
as they don't invest in quality bands so people aren't interested. 
I still believe that if you book good bands consistently, pay them decently and do 
some well placed advertising then people will come, but it has to be consistent. 

Q: Describe a memorable episode from one of your shows? 
There are so many great memories from so many gigs and some really funny ones too, but I think my favourite moment from any show was while playing Upton Blues Festival with Rattlin Bone and seeing people in the distance climbing on top of the food vans and dancing. 
That was really something. Shame no-one seems to have any footage of that one. 

Q: What is true strength? 
My true strength? I guess tenacity, I don't give up easily, or maybe it's loyalty. 
I don't know really, I guess others would be better to judge that than I am. 

Q: When have you been most satisfied in your life? 
Hmm, that's a hard one. I'm not sure I ever have felt that, I'd have lost the hunger that drives me onward but I guess there have been little moments of satisfaction. I can think of one, sitting outside a cafe late at night after a particularly fun gig on tour in Portugal, with Rattlin Bone. I just felt it was where I was meant to be at that moment in time and was replete for a short while. There's never been the time or money for me to rest on laurels so I don't think I've been able to really sit back, relax and feel satisfied at any point so far.

Q: What made you laugh recently? 
The funniest thing I've heard recently was something my 5 year old nephew said to my brother. However it's definitely one of those 'you had to be there' moments. Children can be unintentionally hilarious at times, especially when they say things that sound incriminating very loudly in public places...

Q: Share a personal secret? 
Ha ha ha...okay, I'm an alien. 

Q: If you think we missed something important ask yourself a question and answer it...  
What does the future hold? Hopefully health, wealth and happiness, I'd settle for health and happiness though. I hope I can keep creating music that people enjoy for a long time to come. 

Q: Message for our viewers? 
My message to your readers is this, if you love art, literature and music, please support it and pass on the love and respect for creative people to the next generation. Peace, love and music to all.

Make an occasional visit to  Kareña's Official
to make sure you don't miss her new releases...
And we underline what she said:
"pass on the love and respect for creative people to the next generation"
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Sunday, 18 January 2015


In the middle of winter he is enjoying summertime...
 As night falls here he enjoys a sunrise there...
Ask him for his instrument and he makes a list of ten...
Nah... he's not twisted...
he's just a regular guy from Melbourne...
Today we feature:


Here's one older track,  for his more recent stuf look on Mark's Reverbnation
or visit Official Website for more info... His latest release "The Great Divide" EP is 
Out Now on iTunes and "Hearts on Fire" has just been included on the 
Musik Mayhem Compilation along with Calling Utopia and Craig Fraser. 

Q: How did your music adventure start, what are you doing now and what's next?
Started learning music and playing piano at 8, hit high school and took up trumpet at 12 & started singing winning a lead role as Oliver. I was lead trumpeter in School concert band only after a year & played in various community bands like the Croydon Brass Band and Ringwood Festival Orchestra and later started up a Croydon Youth Band. I was also introduced to Jazz jamming with the Local jazz scene at age of  16... I'm sure Bob Sedergreen was there. I also wanted to write songs so saved up for a good keyboard and guitar and taught myself guitar and wrote many songs. I also programmed my keyboard to perform at various school events. During high school I did drama and music and business set to do business but in Yr 11 changed career direction a bit and studied my T.O.C. At RMIT  In Science and that introduced me to electronics as I was fascinated in Audio, video and new technologies. I went on completed the Assoc Dip in Engineering (Electronics) and while studying played in various bands including my first band "Great Divide" - we recorded our first 4 track including an early version of "The Great Divide" demos funded by the nearest Retailer and had it played on one of the first local community radio stations ECB FM & Melton FM & "Bricks and Mortar" where I did write a lot of songs at that time and we did a release called
"Resisting Temptation" which included one of my own tunes "The Only One" & the trumpet instrumental
 "Car Batteries". This was played on all community radio PBS, RRR by Myf Warhurst and JJJs in mid 90's. Bricks and Mortar came to a halt as the other members did not want to tour or play live.
I left the scene for a bit but kept writing.
I met up with and formed the band Sergeant Trouser with Rob Phelps on guitar, Steve Van Emerik on bass and Euan Murphy on Drums. We recorded and made 3 CDs self financed, independent and distributed by ourselves. We had airplay on PBS, RRR & community radio here in Melbourne and had strong media following. I was left holding the bag so later continued improving my songwriting, performing and busked, volunteered to run events, played trumpet, guitar, keys and sang in various acts like Soul Street Band, CrowsFeet, Overnite Express and did session work and performed trumpet for The Vagrants,
Parker, Veil, Johnny Rocket & the limits and later Loonee Tunes.
I recently performed with The Broken Sweethearts but don't want to tour so I left.
  I've also learned to play as many as 10 instruments now including trumpet, harmonica, guitar, piano, keyboards, Ukelele, recorder, singing, trombone and Euphonium.

Q: Why Sergeant Trouser?
I'm now Mark Gardner but there is already a "Mark Gardener"
who performs in RIDE and solo and people get confused with it.
Sergeant Trouser has a fun name and basically is a pocket full of songs and music!!
Probably the Madness song "Baggy Trousers" and SKA was a major influence while growing up too.

Q: What's the situation with artists in Australia?
New Artists are finding it hard to gain commercial radio and TV exposure
 as there has been a big shift in the way music and entertainment is presented to us here.
The live scene is particularly vibrant here in Melbourne as is the independent and
community radio which gains more support than other commercial networks.
Festival scene is big as are the kilometres to get to these big events and gigs...

Q: Who is your role model... why?
Jazz icon James Morrison  is possibly my main idol as he plays many instruments & entertains
 at all levels continually releasing independent great jazz!
My other idols are Neil Finn and Paul Kelly
 because of there great lyrics and constant songwriting discipline.

Q: Is our universe real?
It's very real and private at the same time ;-)

Q: Trumpet, guitar, piano, harmonica... What's next?
Melodica, Mandolin & Flugel horn are next!!

Q: What's the colour of money?
It's gold and green when I last looked...

Q: Do you have any questions for our readers?
What are the artists and genres you listen to now?

Q: Share a personal secret?
 I dislike Junk food and over processed food.

Q: If you think we missed something important ask yourself a question and answer it...
What other interests do I have?
Technology/ Fishing/ Radio announcer on Australian Made Show 7-8pm AEST.
Enjoy time out with family.

Q: Message for our viewers?
Never give up on your dreams and keep moving.


Stay close keep beautiful...
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Friday, 9 January 2015


 Thomas Aquinas was a silent man until one day he decided to write a truckload of books
and to this day remains one of the most influential ecclesiastical thinkers.
Today we had the privilege to interview another man who was silent for three decades
 but finally decided to share his music ideas with the world.
While Thomas was supposedly able to levitate
 our playlist of the day has a similar effect on the lucky listener...
And the luck just smiled at you
--- dear reader ---
It's the right time for...


Last few years this man is literaly bombarding us with originality...
He is releasing a new CD every year...
Let's ask him what's happening :)

Q: You had an LP way back in 1973, kept silent for 30 years and now this outburst... What's happening?
My presence in the traditional record business faded quickly when the Tumbleweed label
  went out of business shortly after the release of my '73 album "The Man Who Ate the Plant."
 Up until that time I was a small player in the folk scene in Denver, Colorado.
 My excitement with the record-making experience and continuing songwriting fervor kept me
writing and recording demos for years, even though I had virtually no audience.
 A move to Hollywood (at the height of the disco craze) made no impression on the music scene in LA.
 But the songs kept coming. It wasn't until 2010 that I got into home recording and releasing my music.
That happened when musician/Web DJ Todd Dillingham found me online.
 He was a big fan of "Plant" and asked me to record a banjo track on a tune of his.
I discovered I had Garageband and that made it possible. I started recording many of my old songs at home. Todd introduced me to Wim Oudijk in the Netherlands who was happy to add digital drums and orchestration to my tracks. At the same time I reconnected with my old junior high friend Rob Wallace who also had a lot of expertise with music, recording and the WEB.
Before I knew it with the generous help and inspiration from them and a few other friends,
 I released my first CD, "Homeward." Todd, playing both my old and new stuff on Web radio,
 helped motivate me. I've made two more since then, each better than the last--all on Wim's DiscoFair label. Most of the highlights of my forty years of songwriting and several
 new tunes have been recorded now.  I'm glad my efforts are reaching listeners!

Q: Music plans for 2015?
I am working on CD number four. I need to write a lot of new songs. I've got some good ones done.

Q: What is reality?
Wow...reality! It gets harder and harder to tell exactly what it is.
A big part of it for me is a philosophy I put into a song  called "A Thing of Beauty"
from the new "Multiple Choice" CD. A reality I would like to see is one where everyone
 tries to make a thing of beauty even if it's, "hard, dirty work."

Q: Difference between living and being alive?
If you're breathing, you're probably living.
I guess I place a lot of value in being creative.
 It makes me feel alive. Being loved also helps a lot!

Q: What are your favourite 5 albums of all time off the top of your head....
Fave 5 albums. That's the toughest question.
The White Album (or almost any Beatles record);
Blue by Joni Mitchell;
 Freewheelin' Bob Dylan;
 Sweeney Todd or A Little Night Music original cast albums by Stephen Sondheim;
 Sandy, Sandy Denny solo album.
(Also love Mary Hopkin's Postcard and The Complete Art Tatum Piano Discoveries)

Q: If you think we missed something important ask yourself a question and answer it...
Thankful for: My Wife, my dogs and cat, my family, movies, the wonder of the world.

Q: Share a personal secret?
 The things that happened to the boyhood me as found in the lyric
 of "His Sadness as a Child" from my first CD are really true.
 I caught a snowflake on my mitten and tucked it into my coat pocket to admire later.
 When I finally looked, I was surprised that it was gone.
 I found a great hiding place while playing Hide and Seek.
 But it was so good and I kept so quiet that I eventually emerged to discover
 that all the kids had gone home.

Q: Message for our viewers?
I hope that those reading this will check out to sample the CDs,
download a few free tunes on the 'bonus tracks' page and look at some pretty funny videos
promoting  my newest release "Multiple Choice."
 On the site, they can purchase tunes as downloads or get jewel case complete albums
by using the link to DiscoFair. It's music with strong lyrics and harmonic complexity
that just may be your cup of tea.

You can catch up on Pete's thoughts and news
on his Facebook Fanpage
Pete is also very handy with pencil and paper...
This video is in fact an (unfinished) animated cartoon
 Pete himself did for the song "Stranger Things."

Isn't this a lesson in enthusiasm and dedication?
Waiting for decades, laying low but still working hard,
carefully writing down ideas and never giving up...
No doubt Pete's genius is bound to be recognized!
Now hurry up to Pete's Official Website
and order yourself a copy of his recent releases!
That's an order!

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Welcome to the future!
Best wishes to you all!

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