Monday, 23 February 2015


In the mid 90s I was enjoying myself on an alternative music festival...
Various bands and artists shared the stage
and some were real extraordinary
(to say the least)
but one artist stood out from the rest...

There was nothing on the stage but a guy in front of a keyboard...
This simple solo act by a man in a sailor suit and a bowl cut,
changed my perception of music forever...

There is a sea of people out there who claim they know a lot about music,
well... If you don't know this guy... You haven't seen nothing yet...

Better grab your seats firmly...
We present you with the exceptional world of:


Q: Tell us about Harry Merry?
As a child Harry Merry was usually standing in front of a juke-box on a chair with the purpose of beholding the happenings which occurred behind the glass. He was hypnotized by all these vinyl-singles constantly rotating with those specifically coloured lable-etiquettes in the middle, like for instance the pink Pye-label and the orange CBS-label. He also began to play the piano. After years of piano-lessons, he decided that the time had come to begin composing music himself. This interest was aroused by the many groups and artists from the Rock 'N' Roll-era which he admired. Since then he always wanted to bring his songs in front of an audience to hear in audible proportions. The kind of music he plays is Rock'N'Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Beat, Ballads, Schlager, Canzone, Chansons, Liedjes, Slovenian Pop and Serbian Turbo-folk. The drums and bass are pre-recorded but his keyboard-parts aren't. He has played in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Breda, Tilburg, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin, Hannover, London, Liverpool, Salisbury, Ljubljana, Postojna, Roma, Trieste, Zagreb, Paris and America. He tries to improve himself on every front at all times. That's because he's a workaholic......

Q: Music and beyond?
Music reaches far beyond the realms of language and science. Because of universal understanding it penetrates into the soul like no politics can do. However, when we do experience this language, science and politics we can stumble upon elements that can strike us beyond music, like for instance poverty or insomnia, but inconveniently and involuntarily. Pleasure always goes beyond anything else for us. Literature also does but with less penetration...... 

Q: Public wants to know: Can you play the same song twice? How?
Yes, I do tend to play the same song twice or even more than that.  I do that by practising a lot but also by using a dictionary which helps me find the right words to sing and to memorize. Therefore the public finally knows now......

Q: There was a rumour some of your materials were lost in a fire?
My materials were indeed lost in a fire in the year 1997. Those are the materials that you can hear on Harry Merry Soundcloud page. My mother had dropped a chip-pan because the handles were melted after the oil was burnt because she had put the electric cooker from position 1 to position 2 while thinking she put it to position 0. We didn't reach the fire-brigade by phone so fast but they were still there on time anyway because they returned from their sport-training and happened to pass by across the street. In less than five minutes there were two camera-crews from Veronica-TV and from Rotterdam-TV. We stayed in my brother's student-flat for 7 weeks because our own house was declared uninhabitable. During that time our house was being renovated. I also had to give my very first London concert in that time. I quickly had to get a new keyboard and I quickly had to learn from the manual how it worked so that I could still perform in London. In order to accomplish this I had to study this. My brother, who is a painter, couldn't work at all because we were there and the fact that I was deeply concentrating on my work made him even more paranoid......but I had no other choice......

Q: Best show, best audience?
The best show and best audience I had was in Los Angeles at the Screwball Club organized by DARCEY LEONARD and DON BOLLES. They were very enthusiastic and the audience too which included the Latina ELIZABETTA, the ex-girlfriend of the partner of ARIEL PINK in this duo called Holy Shit, about whom I also composed a song. I still often think about these people and in March I will go on tour with ARIEL PINK and DON BOLLES who now play in a band together.

Q: Bar soap or liquid soap?
I prefer to use liquid soap because it gets everywhere you want it to be. A bar soap feels a bit uncomfortable and keeps arousing the idea that the soap might not reach every pore. Of course, if I would be more patient with the application of bar soaps then I would not have had this problem......

Q: Message for our viewers?
We are floating around on this big ball for a number of years that is turning around and around. It's quite an adventure for us to live on this planet that cannot get too close but also not too far from the sun if we want to survive. We are also heading towards a big cosmic plan. Our lives are an essential part of this plan which is also a secret still. Something has happened in the past which has made us walk around with consciousnesses. And if this has happened once then it can also happen more often. Otherwise there would have been nothing right now......which there isn't...... 


To get it touch with Harry go to his official website HERE,
 visit Blowpipe Records or catch him via his Facebook...
Anyway... We prepared a small playlist for you to enjoy...


And...? Was I right or was I right...?
Harry den Hartog - an exceptional artist from Holland!

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Stay close!

Friday, 13 February 2015


Today we share a story of lifelong diligence... 
An old school novel with a first chapter I'm just about to start reading...
All tucked in? OK... shhhhh...

He started as a young lad, humming music and reporting for
Jamaica's oldest newspaper (the Daily Gleaner),
joined JBC as a news editor before the 1962. general strike,
went to England and did a TV director’s course with the BBC...
On his return to Jamaica he got seriously involved in music when
he started to do jazz and reggae music programs...
Was a producer on Radio Jamaica (“Jazz Unlimited"),
lead shows on legendary  JBC Radio One (“The Rhythm Section”)
 and Radio Two (“Progressions”)...
was responsible for one among the first color TV productions
from the JBC (weekly Nommo show)...
immense radio and TV experience lead to writing a feature on
Ska for Encyclopedia Britannica,
co-authoring the book “Bob Marley Reggae King of the World”,
and the list of his works goes on...

The best part of this story is... He's still doing it!
Even though he was the man making an interview with
the legendary Bob Marley (& The Wailers Talkin' Blues '73/'91 LP)
(google for video chunks, make an effort yourself) 
this man is still approachable, relaxed, active and kind enough to
present himself in small internet environment like this one...

How cool is that...
Wake up Common People...
We got a few lines from...


One of his recent shows will keep you good music company
while you read a short interview with the interviewer himself...

Q: What is Dermot doing these days?
Today I’m an OnAir Host of “The Joint” Siriusxm, Monday to Friday,
a host on “Real Jazz” Siriusxm, Saturdays 2 to 8pm,
and frequently in the week for the PD Mark Ruffin substituting for him,
when he has to be away.
In addition, I also produce and present two weekly shows: “ The Friday Riff and “The Sunday Riff” for Newstalk93fm in Kingston, and streamed at The shows which are formatted differently for each day, is also available on the Midnightraverblog.
Previously, prior to the merger of Sirius and XM Satellite Radio, I was both a Music Director and PD of “The Joint” when it was on XM Station.

Q: You live in Washington DC? What's the situation with the music scene there?
As the nation’s capital city, Washington has a lively music scene, reflecting a variety of music styles. There are main stages like the Kennedy Center; The Lisner Music Auditorium; the" Clarice Performing  Center"; the “Birchmere" and "Wolf Trap". There are also a range of clubs that offer different styles, like “Blues  Alley”; and reggae, by the "9.30 Club", and more recently, the historic and recently re-furbished “Howard Theatre".

Q: Originated from Jamaica ska music is adopted and transformed by musicians in all parts of the world... What's your view on the past, present and especially future of ska?
Ska has become a world music, and is kept alive outside of Jamaica, where it’s no longer as popular,  by ska groups and ska clubs established globally, and the legendary  Jamaican group
 “The Skatalites”, who have lost most of their  founding members, are still touring.
There have been a few ska waves, and today there exists a purist strain, as well as a fusion of ska with other styles. A recent outstanding recording was done by “Western Standard Time” a west coast Ska Big Band, which explored the jazz roots of the style. Another ska wave could well emerge, depending on who comes up with a winning package.

Q: Everybody's got a dream... A personal project that they didn't yet have time to actualize...
 What's yours?
I don’t have a clearly defined special project in mind. I would welcome a chance to produce
for tv/film, if an opportunity were to arise. In the meantime, I strive  to do  good radio programs, for which I’m known, on a consistent basis.

Q: To what extent does a man shape his own destiny?
The shaping of one’s destiny, is in my view dependent on how much anyone may be seem
to be able to do. Or is one working towards, what is already a preordained plan?

Q: What is consciousness?
Consciousness is an awareness, of as Bob Marley said, “of who you are and where you are in the struggle’. For me it’s trying to be in tune with one’s immediate context, but also what surrounds me, people, nature; the environment, particularly the latter. Trying to be closer to nature, something that I always strove for, especially as I was sensitized to nature, by being born and raised on a small island Jamaica, on which nature abounds.

Q: Do you think that Internet is a benefit to radio (and the audience)?
The internet insofar as it affects radio is both good and bad. It offers staggering variety, and also, by the very nature of that fact, diffuses the value of good radio, in a much of a muchness, often leaving an audience unable to discern, what is of real value, instead
substituting a value that is a product of saturation.

Q: Share a few thoughts on a topic that you find important...
As a broadcaster/communicator, I’ve been trying to reflect in radio, that the format is in need of a format. The radio that I’m striving to do independently, is about trying to strive for a format, that is not formulaic, but diasporic, and sensitive to a changing world, the emergence of other music cultures as the world, in the near future is becoming more multicultural.

Q: Message for our viewers?
To viewers.
Come to what I do with an open mind, a curiosity to something that might be outside of your life experience, and an appreciation of someone striving for excellence.


Dermot leads two radio shows that are broadcast in Jamaica weekly,
FRIDAYS: 7:00 PM JA Time, 7:00 pm US
SUNDAYS: 5:10 pm JA Time, 5:10 pm US
Live stream of "RIFFIN" show is HERE
archives can be found on the  Midnight Raver Blog


 Usually we end the story with:
"Thank you for visiting"... but...
this time we must ask the ladies
for their hand
(not in marriage... god forbid)
just for a dance...
& dance...

Thank you for visiting...

Monday, 9 February 2015


Wikipedia defines radio as the radiation of electromagnetic signals
through the atmosphere or free space... What a load of...
There is no free space anywhere anymore...

Besides, Internet is full of streaming radio stations and shows
one wouldn't know where to start exploring...
Good thing you are in the habit of
dropping by to Common People's Music Bar!
We made a thorough research
and following our subjective guidelines,
using completely unscientific methods
narrowed the choice to few interesting
places you might want to check out:

In July 2013, Indie Scene Radio (ISR) was launched by this life long musician and independent music advocate, from the Metro-West area of Boston, MA. The station currently has 105 countries spanning all 5 continents with the station’s internet ranking and popularity continually improving every month.

Gerg Anidem - who was nominated in the 2014 Worcester Music Awards for, Best Radio DJ, in his home state of Massachusetts - is the Station Owner, Program Director and DJ hosts a LIVE show called, "The GERG SHOW", (The Gerg Show Fan Page) every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 - 8PM EST, (-5GMT) introducing new, independent music artists every show.  The programming format focuses on promoting, what we feel are, the best of the best Independent Musicians/Artists from around the world with music from a wide variety of genres including; Rock, Folk, Metal, R&B, Americana, Country, Singer/Songwriter...

All independent music artists are encouraged to submit their work for air play consideration via the Submit Music page on the station website. If selected for airplay, the station processes the music files by adding them to the station library, then, once a qualified artist is featured on my live show, their song(s) are placed into one of the rotation playlists so artists can then proudly promote the fact that each of their song(s) are getting played a minimum of 45 times, each and every month on the station while in rotation!

How we work is via the principle of reciprocity. The station promises to promote the independent artists, using of all the stations’ social media accounts while the artists agree to do the same for the station. Each week, we change the cover photo on Facebook to feature one of the artists as the “ISR Artist of the Week” which includes their bio and link information as well as posting their photo to the home page on our website, which includes a link to the artists’ website! The station also encourages the artists to create radio spots for airplay, post their shows and general updates on the Facebook page, which feeds directly to our Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest accounts, to aide in gaining a wider audience and fan base for all.
Sound good? You bet it does! 

We asked Amy Louise Crossley about The Shift Radio and her role there:
"I am one of the Radio Presenters at The Shift Radio, I'm also in charge of running the Monday Night Radio shows, hospitality and booking artists and bands on for our live sets. I've been working at The Shift Studios since 2013 and I'm now in my third year here. It's been a blast.

The Shift Radio was created in April 2014 with the sole purpose of providing a platform for unsigned and independently signed artists to be heard. Since then we've had hundreds of songs submitted to us from all over the world and of many different genres. We don't just play music however, we have launched different shows on four nights of the week each focusing on something a bit different. On Mondays we have three shows which are helped run by volunteers of all ages ranging from 14-40 wanting experience in the radio industry, from radio DJing to sound engineering, photography and videography or just somewhere for them to meet other like minded people, it helps our younger volunteers especially gain confidence in their own abilities and develop their own voice. Every Monday night from 9pm we have an unsigned artist or band play live at the station and they are streamed live to hundreds of listeners. We even podcast the live shows so they have a live recording to link to their fans.

During the week on Wednesday nights we have two chat shows running from 6pm to 10pm and on Friday and Saturday nights we have unsigned DJs take over the station and play house music, techno and RnB to help get people's weekends rolling, all unsigned music of course. Currently we have plans for even more shows throughout the week as well as events to help out local charities and businesses as well as continuing our mission to become one of the biggest radio stations for the best of unsigned music.

We've met many amazing people and bands, DJs and events organisers since April last year alone and we can see only bigger and better things for 2015.
If people are interested in their music being played on The Shift Radio Station they can upload their tracks to or if the just want to listen in they can visit

For any other information feel free to contact Amy at"


A radio with a simple mission: to bring great music to music fans, no matter the style or genre.
Sometimes eclectic and different but always classy and never ever staid or boring.
If you love great music, Music World Radio is the place to be for all your musical tastes and needs
 and perhaps you'll hear some stuff you've never heard before.
So check the schedule, tune in and get involved with one of the hottest cool music stations out there. Remember, it's your music, your world, your radio!

This station is being driven just by a couple of DJ's at the moment
but so much fun is happening over there... you should make it your duty to check out
Lord Snooty's Super Sunday Show every Sunday 17:00 EST,
you can expect eclectic sounds with a chat and no playlists or ads...


Monica M. Brinkman, author and radio show host
was kind to give us a short story about this station:

"It Matters Radio. Three simple words that hold much meaning. As the host, I am so proud to share wonderful talent from not only the States but throughout the world. Be it music, writing, marketing, art, a wonderful story-teller or an organization intent on assisting others, it matters to us.

Our motto, ‘Embracing humanity through music, art and open conversation’ is what we are all about.
There are so many talented individuals who need to be seen and heard.
What better place than a live, on-camera studio?
 Thus, It Matters Radio was created to do just that.
We reach out into the world and bring our viewers entertainment and communication through music, books, topics of interest and just plain old fun.
A place you may interact, live via the internet, with our guests.

What we want our viewers to know is, not only does it matter, but you matter and you are the reason we work so very hard each week, without monetary gain, to present the best talent and most interesting topics each week. Our message to you is this, “Go after dreams, live your life to the fullest and always appreciate the supportive people in your life.’’
For we appreciate and adore all of you.

Be a part of our family and check us out @ our studio @  It Matters Radio Studio or our web site
 @ It Matters Radio  We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line."


 Online radio station with alternative links for tablets and mobiles. Station has a rich program with variety of shows but one show stands out from the rest... Monday's "Wim's World" show is a four hour plus weekly show featuring material from the mighty Wim Oudijk... Show is always accompanied with a chatroom concealed deep in the woods of Facebookshire...
A good place to start exploring could be Radio JJ fb community  Try it out...

and last but not least...

These guys record a show and leave it up for two weeks...
They play what they like and without compromise so you can expect the unexpected there...
This is the first station to broadcast "Common People's Music" tracks internationally
in fact it was their show that made our project viral ;)


So there you have it... 6 radio stations for 6 days of your week...
But don't leave just yet...
It was written that the allmighty creator was resting on the 7th day...
He might have been resting but these guys weren't... yep...  


a mindblowing noiseabilly
kick-ass explosion
have a freshly pressed EP "City Walls"...

Thanks for the signed copy guys!

When I saw all the neighbours rounded up... peeking in my mailbox...
my first thought was an epic invoice for electricity...
epic electricity indeed
fortunately without a bill...
what a lucky day for me!

Stay close...
More stories about interesting artists and chats
with exceptional people are being prepared...

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Monday, 2 February 2015


A true Common People's Music Star... featured today in our lovely bar :)
Undemanding, friendly, lo-fi, funny, simple, honest, reliable,
convincing and able to create a forgetful ambience
that leaves you unarmed:


Q: Who and what is Whorish Boorish?
Whorish Boorish is a bedroom recording project that started in 2011. 
All songs are written and recorded and produced by me (Rebecca Lima) and live shows consist of a three piece, currently Alex Merbouti and Greg Alvarez, both very talented Miami scene players.

Q: You got fresh music coming our way in 2015...
Hell yeah.

Q: Can you explain the difference between "lo-fi bedroom dreampop" and "Miami fuzz shoegaze"?
They’re actually not too different, when it comes to my songs. I suppose you could apply both terms to WB. Bedroom pop is cool because it’s completely DIY and organic, which people seem to really dig.

Q: Where is the line between insanity and creativity?
It’s very fine. I can’t seem to locate it.

Q: What makes a good friend?
When years pass by and you can meet up one day after so much time and just 
pick up right where you left off, like puzzle pieces.

Q: Is it easier to love or to be loved? Why?
For me it’s easier to love. I’m just such a good fucking lover.

Q: Do you have any role models?
Nina Simone and just hard women in general.

Q: Message for our viewers?
Smoke some weed.

 Follow up on new releases at Whorish Boorishband Bandcamp
 and Whorish Boorish Facebook

Thumbs up for the young ones!
Thank you for visiting.
Stay close...