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Not only does it rhyme but blues really has that
moderate fly-drive-sail feeling inherent...
Well, we're cruising with an Aussie flag today...


If your head is swelling because of numerous problems
it's time for a taste of Jacqui's unpretentious, laid-back music...
Here's a little easy listening to soothe your aches:

Tell us about yourself and the music projects you are involved in...
I've been singing forever, and at the moment I'm working with my own band "The Jacqui Walker Band" as well as some solo shows and producing Blues Cruises around Australia. Keeps me busy. Up until 5 weeks ago, I had always lived in the outer east of Melbourne, but I've recently moved to the Gold Coast. This meant that I needed to find a local guitarist and drummer to join myself and my husband (Glen), my Bass player.

 How did you get bound to music?
 I've loved music since before I could walk or talk. There was often music in my house on the radio and records. I learnt to turn on the stereo when I was 12 months old and at 2 I was putting on records. My parents were not too impressed when I scratched some of their faves though. My father worked in TV and got tickets to Young Talent Time filming. This was a very popular TV show, filmed in Nunawading, and featured young performers in song and dance routines. This is the show that gave many their start in the entertainment industry (Danni Minogue, Jamie Redfern, Tina Arena) So my parents and I used to go and watch them tape the shows. I adored the show and dreamt of becoming a YTT member. In primary school I was in both the choir and the band and later played the lead role in my school production. This continued through secondary school, when I started classical singing lessons. I was awarded Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) Grade 6 Classical Voice when I was 17. I went on to play leads in amateur musicals and got my first professional performing job in a theatre restaurant when I was 18.
What kind of music inspires you and what kind of music do you play
  I love any music that you can feel. When I was younger, all I wanted to be able to do was to sing Pop. And I was really bad at it. I forced myself to learn how to sing it, which is funny now, because it's the last thing I want to sing these days. I love performers whose stories you can hear and feel. A soulful voice will get me every time. It should sound real, authentic and effortless. My favourite album of all time is Carole King's Tapestry, my favourite singers are Barbra Streisand, Silvie Palladino and Vika Bull. With my band, we play mostly Blues, Soul and RnB but we also throw in others that are outside of these genres. It's really hard to define exactly what we do, but I can say that all of the music we play is music that we love and are moved by. We don't play what other people want to hear. If it moves and excites us, we play it well and in turn the audience really enjoys our performances.

What's the situation with music scene in Australia? 
(you look like one big happy family)
 My experience has mostly been in and around Melbourne, so I can speak mostly about my experience there. I have found the Melbourne music scene to be incredibly supportive and co-operative. I can call a large number of fellow musicians, my friends. If I need advice, there are many I can turn to and they will willingly help me where they can. It's quite common in the Melbourne scene to have other musos attend other musos' gigs. Sometimes being called up onto stage to share a song or two. We promote each other's gigs and share contact information. Of course there are always a few who don't share these same values, and each to their own. I love the Melbourne music scene very much. It's been challenging moving to the Gold Coast where I am now connecting with the Brisbane and GC scenes and knowing no-one to begin with, it's been interesting.
 I need to work hard to prove myself all over again and network. 
Employing local musicians in Queensland I feel will help people here to understand that I am a supporter of other musicians and not someone 
who is a threat or out to take their gigs :)

 Tell us about your Blues Cruises...
 I own a business called Blues Cruise Australia, which I started last year in Melbourne. I'm now running regular Blues Cruises in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. I have the great pleasure of giving work to our talented Blues musicians, but also to bring Blues music to new audiences. 
The cruises are an absolutely fantastic time! They are 3-4 hours, 
and guests are served yummy food and a welcome drink on arrival.

 What makes you, you?
  Wow, that's a difficult question to answer because there's so much. Obviously my family - the one I grew up with and the one I live with now. I have a beautiful, amazing husband, Glen and 3 children aged 11, 17 and 19 and a step son 21. I've always been motivated and someone who gets things done and there have been times where I've faced challenges which could have destroyed me. If I let them. My eldest daughter lost her father to suicide, I have suffered severe depression and severe panic disorder. I suffered a mental breakdown in my mid 20s at the same time I was studying for a double degree full time with 2 young children as a single parent. I also survived a violent relationship. Crazy! But here I am, doing what I love and always seeking happiness and fulfilment. I need to surround myself at all times with people who are healthy for me to ensure that I can be the best person I can be. My husband brings out the absolute best in me. 
I am very lucky.

How should people live their lives?
 They should always do what makes them happy. If they are happy and fulfilled, then this affects those around them. Negative thinking will lead to nothing good. I have always believed that you can do absolutely anything you want in your life. When I was 5 I used to say I was going to be a teacher and a singer when I was older. And guess what; I am a singer and a teacher. 
If I can do it, anyone can!

 Any releases coming our way in 2015?
 No releases this year, as we find our feet with our new working situation. We have a band in Queensland and a band in Victoria now and performing with both. We have some great gigs booked in both states and I look forward to doing some writing and recording later this year or early next year.

 Do aliens exist?
  Hahahahaha, I've been to Wycliffe Well in the Northern Territory and seen something crazy. So who knows really? Maybe I am one!

  Message for our viewers...
 Stay happy, go see live shows, buy music. Don't follow the crowd. 
Always be yourself and no-one else.


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 Bless you and... 
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