Sunday, 15 March 2015


Mat Dauzat and Heather St. Marie  
are a wonderful musical duo based in L.A.
A few days ago they released their debut EP "Falling again".
Enjoy a preview of the tracks
while you read a short interview with:


What is new on the streets of L.A.?
Heather:  OUR EP!!! Plus, I think the streets are still buzzing 
from the big CD release show we just did at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. 
We really had a good one!

Falling again EP is just out... Share thoughts/emotions...
Heather: We are proud to share it with everyone,
and are extremely pleased with the outpouring of GREAT feedback.
And we’re still buzzing from that CD release show as well.
We couldn’t be happier right now.

What's next?
Mat:  Music videos, touring, and working in the studio on the next release.
We are working on several music videos in the coming month,
and we’ll hit the road across the southern U.S. in May.
We will be in and out of the studio working towards wrapping up 
our next release…. and we are tossing around the idea of a possible Fall release.

You like to tour... Give us a memorable episode from one of your shows...

Mat: We were playing a show somewhere in Florida recently and I looked over at Heather during a particularly emotional part of one of our songs to find that somehow she had managed to get her knee-high boots stuck together.
One of the zippers had broken before the show, so she cleverly replaced it with a paper clip. During that song, the paper clip somehow latched perfectly onto to the zipper on her other boot. There was nothing she could do about it because she needed both hands to play the tambourine on the song, so we just did all we could not to burst into uncontrollable laughter as she was kinda doing what appeared to be the “peepee dance” for the duration of the song!

Are you thinking of bass and drums?
Mat:  No, we really want to keep this thing a true duo.
We may have guest performers from time to time, but there is something
really powerful about just the duo. I use one of the largest Taylor guitars
available to have that booming bottom end, and I actually play drums with my feet live. I’ve got a whole percussion setup at my feet, and Heather also assists with some additional percussion as well.

Something you learned not to do, only after you did it?
Mat:  Tour anywhere other than the southern states during Winter months!
Too dangerous! We did some slipping on some black ice in Illinois once,
and it cured us of ever wanting to do that again!
We typically will do some touring across the South in those months,
but mostly stay on the West Coast and write/record… 
and then launch back out on tour in Spring.

Fruits or veggies? Why?
Heather:  BOTH! Straight into my juicer! 
Because it’s delicious and very good for you.

How do you know your perceptions are real?
Mat:  If you fully believe, then it IS your reality.

Message for our viewers?
Heather: Thank you all so much for taking time to read this, and we hope to meet you in person at a show very soon.


Keep track of the tour dates, 
contact them or explore more 
at their official website HERE

Stay positive!

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