Friday, 6 March 2015


Here's a thing I always like to see...
We got this creative individual that has new songs always buzzing in his head,
then he sends his ideas to another creative individual that has colourful arrangement visions, then they ask more creative individuals to join in the fun with singing or playing some instruments...
This crew could easily be called Common People's Music Heroes
because they are doing precisely what we are talking about here...
Networking and collaborating, exchanging ideas and having fun,
and the best part is that they finish the job
and come out with a music product...


The songs of Tin Pan John performed by a changing collective
First released batch of Windows & Doors songs were on the self titled EP @ Disco Fair, the same place as their
album "You're not stuck in this world"
 Newer than new... It is to be released on 8th of March...
In anticipation of this release we conducted an official little chat with these two evil masterminds :) ...and prepared a small old/new playlist...

Tell us about how the W&D project first started?
JOHN: I met Wim on Myspace - I recall ‘Bath’ was the first song of his I heard and I loved that. We have a shared fondness for Harpers Bizarre. I write a lot of songs so it made sense to ask him if he would like to produce and arrange one. It escalated into a “project”.
WIM: I found John’s name at Dudley Serious’ Myspace page and got interested in a song about Hollywood he’d written. I was very impressed with that and what I found afterwards…
a treasure cove of songs that needed a solid version.
Of course I felt honoured when John asked if I would be willing to record one of his songs!

What/who is this changing collective? How does it function?
JOHN: Wim produces/arranges the songs and I write them. The singer(s) is the bit that changes.
The vocals are all great.
WIM: When John proposes a new song we look at what people we know that would fit the song…next I get all humble and ask the person we choose if he or she will pretty please do it and gain everlasting fame and stuff. That usually is enough. I’ve got to mention the fabulous Petra de Winter, who could be in the studio to do many of the background vocals on top of her stellar solo effort and her duets with Andrea Petitta from Rome, Italy  and with Ron E Smith from Melbourne, Australia. She also introduced us to Catself from Finland who also did some backing vocals and a wonderful lead vocal on a song John especially wrote for her...We both were delighted with the cooperation of Pete McCabe and Todd Dillingham, stars in their own right and with Ian Thistletwaite’s, Debstar Divine’s, James Kerr’s and Justin K Bailey’s vocals that really made the songs what they should be! Apart from Petra and Catself all collaborations were purely conducted through the internet. A real 21st century project!

New album “You're Not Stuck In This World” is hot off the press...  Tell us a few interesting details about it...
JOHN: Petra’s ethereal backing vocal towards the end of Rio de Janeiro is probably my favourite part of the album. It reminds me a little of the Once Upon a Time in the West theme which I love a lot.
WIM: Most interesting in my opinion is that it sounds like an album, with all these different personalities and angles and the differences in recording styles and rooms.
I’m really impressed with that!

Is there a chance Windows and Doors gathered the collective for a live show?
JOHN: If Elon Musk can supply an orchestra, then yes.
WIM: Only if whoever organizes that event can afford Sir George Martin, Van Dyke Parks and a 60 plus symphony orchestra (which isn’t likely to happen in the foreseeable future methinks). 

Looks to me like two masterminds working on the same project. How do you set your differences aside?
JOHN: There have been very few, if any, differences to set aside.
WIM: In my opinion the first and only dispute we have had was about the title of the album, strangely. Not a dispute really but a lack of inspiration. We’re not used to that so it got us off balance for a while. Finally it named itself, of course!

Who do you think is (and could be) W&D audience?
JOHN: I couldn’t honestly say. The songs are unlikely to be used on ads for banks, and that is the main barometer for what is fashionable.
WIM: The rich, the clever and the beautiful that are blessed with a perfect health and an exquisite taste in music.

Is life all a dream? What will happen at the end of the world?
JOHN: Dunno… maybe. My preferred form of apocalypse would be giant asteroid - one we see coming but are powerless to do anything about. I’d quite like that to happen in my lifetime actually - dying along with 7 billion others at a predetermined point in time seems somehow less terrifying than dying by yourself in a conventional manner. Hope that doesn’t sound too selfish.
WIM: Life is a Hollywood movie with a happy end where we ride off into the sunset. What else?

Ice cream or pie? Why?
JOHN: Probably pie, so long as it isn’t a super-cheap frozen one from Iceland (supermarket) whose filling has the look and consistency of cat food.
WIM: Ice cream, at least if it’s the song by Chris Barber that was part of the soundtrack  of my younger years.

Message for our viewers?
JOHN: Picture a world where all towns and cities are fitted with giant loudspeakers that blast out the Ski Sunday theme at random intervals, and ask yourself, “are we truly happy as a species?”
WIM: The world should eat more Dutch cheese. Period.


You are welcome to Join the Album release party this Sunday HERE
and a week later (15th) at 17:00 in EDT you can listen to a radio promotion and preview of new Windows & Doors and the new Jude C. Monatgue albums HERE

But don' leave just yet...
While Tin Pan John was here we used the opportunity 
to see what's new with his other projects...

Rumour is you have a wardrobe full of songs... 
Are you looking for more collaborators?
 JOHN: I record new demos all the time. I have about 700. Some of my online friends have covered them. I have lots of plans and projects in my head and always welcome collaborators.

What's the story with Tigers of Tin Pan? Any fresh materials there?
JOHN: Tigers of Tin Pan is my main thing. It’s a collaboration with producer Liam Mulvaney. It is very ambitious in scale. I hope to properly unleash it upon the world soon. Money would help the process greatly, should any billionaires be reading.

Good luck John and Wim and the Collective!
And should any billionaires be reading
there is a donate button on top of this page  ;)
Stay positive...

Thank you for visiting...


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