Sunday, 22 March 2015

 We had a really short, haiku chat with
this modest, low-profile photographer...
He's been on the job for decades now and
that's probably the reason why he chooses
to communicate through photography...
Anyway... Picture is worth a thousand words
and we managed to get a few pictures (and words)
for our blog exclusively from:


What advice have you got for a 13 year old "wannabe" photographer today?
Try to buy cheap second hand camera, because you'll never get paid for the next 50 years.
 Meanwhile try to finish any education and stay amateur for the rest of your life.

You have been living with the punk scene... Can you differentiate now and then?
It is more or less the same. Young musicians and artists have the best ideas but no backup
 for anything. I am surprised that Punk rock is no stronger than anytime before.  

Any good active punk bands in Slovenia?
There are, Joko Ono, Can of Bees...

What makes a good picture when it comes to taking photos of musician's self-expresing moments?
It is very subjective, I prefer Anton Corbijn aproach...

Message for our viewers?
Never give up!


Although Jože is a man of few words his biography is quite impressive so we suggest you browse through his website HERE, there is an interesting gallery of motives from all around the globe...
An interesting conversation with Jože HERE regarding his rewarded and sold out
photobook "Balkan Punk"... But before you leave get a taste of Jože's music pick:

To quote the man:
"Never give up!"
Thank you for visiting!

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