Monday, 8 June 2015


I meant WarHoles.
What did you think I mean...
We're talking about Vienna here
123 123 123...
Yeah, you know the drill...
Welcome to a drill-full explosion of 
a 1-2-3... garage blue rock trio...


What is important in life?
To quote Edgar Allan Poe and I would put it that way either: 
‘The most important things in life make you sweaty.’

A few positive words about Vienna...
Loud, energetic, guileful, messy – though these words do not represent something positive at first sight  it is the perfect city to create an inimitable sound.

The story of WarHoles?
The garage blues and rock band WarHoles comes from Vienna, Austria, 
and is formed by singer been Orelian (with a lower case "b"), 
guitar player Oz Huxley and drummer Ion Illus. 
Their role models include Nick Cave, Iggy Pop and Tom Waits.
Although Orelian and Huxley already knew each other for much longer, 
they only began working together on various literary events in 2010. 
It led to a number of amateur recordings which were published on the internet under the title
The How Does It Feel Sessions.
A real band was formed when, in the autumn of 2011, drummer Ion Illus joined them.
The band members, and especially writer and poet been Orelian are also engaged in several other art forms. They made the film The Man Who Could Save The World, which was premiered in August 2013 at the Sommer Kinotraum, the annual outdoor film festival in Vienna. 
Drummer Ion Illus also appeared to have some talent for acting - 
he played the role of a lawyer in the film.

Music ambitions, plans, releases... 
To make a record in the near future and do more live shows.

Poetry, music, theatre or the lot? Why?
Life is a stage. you can not find or imitate poetry, music, theatre or the lot any place else. the why gets redundant then.

How to save the whales?
Do not get your point here... but to carry your question to its logical conclusion: get rid of human kind.

Future of music?
Music has a past, present, so there will be definitely a future either.

Message for our viewers?
Eventually we come in peace.

WarHoles - Lou Noir [The How Does It Feel Session] from WarHoles on Vimeo.

How's this to lift your spirits up?
Summer of 2015!
Future Warholes plans: make a record and play live?!
I say we support 'em...
What do you think?
Peace is not an option though...
Peace is the way...
WarHoles tour dates HERE 
and videos HERE... 

Stay close...
Thanks for visiting...


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